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Outdoor LED Light PCB Market How To Break Out?

Mind Electronics Limited | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Early Outdoor LED Light PCB is an integrated ceiling category of a package, in the integrated ceiling solution, the lamp is only part of it, and now with the professional development, panel lights began to become mainstream products. Contains Jiehe Optoelectronics itself is also OEM foundry fortune. At present, we are hoping to create a professional brand, together for more for some big brands to supply goods supply, the end of the brand and OEM to carry out simultaneously.
2012, Outdoor LED Light PCB sales up, especially exports. Today, including the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department is also working to develop Outdoor LED Light PCB specifications, many companies just to see this piece of shopping malls to enter into the category.
Outdoor LED Light PCB shopping malls are large, due to the replacement of shopping malls. For example, Dongguan City, 2012 and 2013 is the main push of the outdoor street lighting transformation, and now is now the end of the vast majority, rumors this year will be the first push indoor lighting project transformation, which will undoubtedly promote the indoor lighting needs burst, and Outdoor LED Light PCB as part of the mall will also be released.
From today's situation, this year Outdoor LED Light PCB will be two major changes: First, the shopping malls need to double, due to the direction of the government works from the outdoor to the interior; Second, the appearance of more and more fashionable, Outdoor LED Light PCB will gradually replace the ceiling, because the panel lights are integrated, the lighting effect will be better.
Outdoor LED Light PCB product advantage is not full performance
Outdoor LED Light PCB The most important thing is to change the point light source with a glare glare appearance, to achieve uniform light, soft, bright, no glare light source effect. However, almost half of the outdoor LED Light PCB production company's products are the "surface light source" luminous effect to do a one-sided understanding, the main appearance of the following: First, in the LED grille light plate to add an acrylic panel Called the Outdoor LED Light PCB, of course, this is also the traditional grille lights to improve the product of the rejuvenation of the fluorescent lamp. Ultra-thin Outdoor LED Light PCB blind pursuit. Second, Outdoor LED Light PCB of the other one of the structural type is from the side of the light guide advertising use light guide board light box evolved, due to the use of LED comparison fluorescent tube or CCFL lamp thinner, more light characteristics, its goods Construction can be very frivolous.
Outdoor LED Light PCB Fall into the difficult situation Commodity structure is far from its advantages
Outdoor LED Light PCB of the other one of the structural type is from the side of the light guide the use of advertising light guide board light box evolved, due to the use of LED comparison fluorescent tube or CCFL lamp thinner, more light characteristics, the product structure can So very frivolous. Throughout the development process of Outdoor LED Light PCB, most companies are using this as the starting point, during which a Hong Kong listed company from 2005 onwards put a considerable advertising, obviously Outdoor LED Light PCB from the ever-increasing Career attention. There are ideas that, Outdoor LED Light PCB professional should not be ultra-thin Outdoor LED Light PCB blind pursuit. First of all, the structure of the LED light from the side of the light guide plate by the light guide plate, reflection point, reflector and other reflection and refraction effect, in the front light, despite the treatment of the glare problem, but its light power must be in its light Of each way will have a corresponding degree of loss, therefore, such outdoor LED Light PCB display so many years of sales and no fantasy so much, I see the primary reason is not easy to use, the price is high, do not practice light The In addition, some customers because of the blind pursuit of ultra-thin Outdoor LED Light PCB, intended to replace the traditional units of its own units of small grille lights, but did not think this time the ceiling to meet the space, its ultra-thin features not only can not show Low power led to its luminous efficiency is also less than the traditional fluorescent grille light illumination, will affect the end user LED lighting career assessment.